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Pjur Analyse Me - Anal Spray

Pjur Analyse Me - Anal Spray

SKU: Pjur2009

If you prefer a spray to a standard lubricant, Pjur Analyse Me Anal Comfort Spray is a gem in your box of bottom tricks. This anal essential is simply applied in the anal area, where it helps your skin to relax and soften for your most incredible anal sex yet. The formulation includes high grade panthenol and aloe vera, giving you all the comfort you need for a night you’ll never forget. It’s free from lidocaine and benzocaine and ensures the perfect balance of desensitisation and feeling. This lube is great for beginners as it lessens sensitivity, but it’s also an excellent option for pros who like a long lasting formulation.

This desensitizing anal spray is CE-certified, dermatologically tested and safe to use with latex condoms. It is a great choice for beginners and for pros. Just an all-round win, really!


Available in a 20ml spray bottle


  • Pjur - Analyse Me Comfort Anal Spray

    The panthenol and aloe vera encourage your skin and tissue to become more elastic. A few sprays are all you need for Analyse Me Spray to work its magic.


  • Features and Benefits

    • Numbing Anal Spray
    • Incredible Quality Products
    • Flavour Free
    • Slight Peppermint Scent
    • Skin-Friendly Formula


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