Satisfyer Double Plus Remote

Satisfyer Double Plus Remote

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The Partner Plus couples vibrator by Satisfyer is a remote controlled wearable vibrator that offers dual stimulation and powerful vibrations.

In an ergonomically designed U-shape, the Partner Plus is worn by the female, with the soft and flexible insertable shaft placed inside the vagina, which then allows the external shaft to rest directly on top of her clitoral area. Leaving enough room for him to penetrate her whilst wearing the Partner Plus, he gains stimulation thanks to the more constricted fit without causing any discomfort to either. As both shafts are fitted with a powerful motor, she receives intense clitoral stimulation during love-making while his shaft gains the benefit of penetration and thrust as well as intense vibrations that stimulate his shaft.

With its completely waterproof design, bath play has never felt better and with easy to reach controls you are able to navigate seamlessly through three vibrational intensities and seven vibrational rhythms that are designed to bring you to a climax together. The added remote adds an element of excitement, allowing you to control the patterns and vibrations, whether using your Partner Plus for solo or couple play.

The partner plus is the ideal intimate product designed to spice up your love life. Best used with your favourite water-based lubricant for added comfort.

  • Satisfyer - Partner Double Plus with remote

    The Satisfyer Double Plus provides both him and her with exciting, added stimulation during lovemaking. This couple’s vibrator is U-shaped, making it perfect for fun in pairs: The lower shaft is gently inserted into the vagina during lovemaking, while the upper part of the vibrator rests on the clitoris. It stimulates the clit with wonderful vibrations, while the other end stimulates her from the inside. When he inserts his penis, the internal shaft creates a luscious, additional tightness that catapults your G-spot and his glans to cloud 9 together. Both shafts of this multivibrator are equipped with a powerful motor and can be controlled by pressing a button on the upper shaft. Enjoy breathtaking orgasms with three vibration intensities and seven vibration rhythms with combinations depending on your mood. The Satisfyer Double Plus is whisper-quiet at any intensity, so you can indulge undisturbed.

  • Features and Benefits

    Partner Plus Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator

    U Shape designed for equal stimulation

    2 Powerful motors



    Easy to clean

    Skin Friendly flexible soft silicone

    Solo or couple play

    3 vibration intensities

    7 vibration rhythms

    Design prize winner

    Remote control