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Dr Craig practices cutting edge evidence based therapy and regularly attends international scientific meetings to ensure she stays up to date with the most recent developments in the field of sexuality and relationship dynamics.


You can be confident that the challenges you face will be addressed in a sensitive, compassionate non-judgmental and confidential manner. The treatment approach is short-term, directive, problem focused and solution-orientated for long lasting results and combines years of experience and knowledge of different treatment modalities.

Working within a systemic and sexual medicine paradigm, implies a bio-psycho-social approach that includes the vital element of working within a multi-disciplinary team. Dr Craig collaborates with other specialists in the field like pelvic floor dysfunction physiotherapists, sexual medicine clinicians and addiction specialists.


Her training in Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy and Sexual Medicine allows her to work with people who experience trauma, relationship difficulties, sexual dysfunctions and or difficulties due to chronic illness, disability, ageing, menopause and the like.  Elmari has a special interest in women with Sexual Pain Dysfunctions.

Challenges with regards to relationships, polygamous and polyamorous families, abuse, emotional intimacy, communication, conflict, sexuality, sexual health, sexual dysfunctions, sexual

identity, sexual orientation, lifestyle, stress, pornography, addiction, sex addiction, cheating, children, family and in-laws are often addressed.


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