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During Couples Therapy, relationship issues between two people (in any stage of the relationship) are addressed.

The therapy is problem-focused and solution oriented. The couple is guided to understand their unique relationship dynamic and to find sustainable solutions for dysfunctional patterns. Dr Craig will often first see each partner in an individual session and then see them together as a couple.

The aim is to find connection and strengthen intimacy by being aware of each others vulnerabilities. Past unresolved conflict are dealt with and if necessary and individual therapeutic process, to deal with past or repressed issues, may be advised.

Yes, you might have been together for many years and know each other well, but that is often part of the issue - you can't see the wood for the trees... You might be too close and too emotionally triggered to be able to navigate safely through the relationship storm. That is where an experienced therapist can play the role of facilitator to positive change.

Couples are personally liable for the payment of accounts after each session, but most medical aids will reimburse clients for sessions.

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