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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapeutic intervention. In a hypnotherapy session, after entering a deep state of relaxation, you experience a heightened and more receptive state of mind.  You now have the ability to explore the impact of your sub-conscious, unconscious and super conscious minds on your life.

Unresolved issues (which could include hidden and blocked thoughts, emotions, experiences and behaviors) are brought to the surface (the conscious mind) and are processed.  You make a deliberate choice to access the inner world of the self. Experiences, traumas, memories and emotions that are affecting (and controlling) your life, are explored and processed. Blockages are removed, your inner resources and strengths are reactivated and you are assisted to reconnect with the power within the self.

Inner child work as part of Clinical Hypnotherapy

When you are born, you are innocent, trusting and dependent. Often your needs are ignored, you feel misunderstood, you get abused, your boundaries are disrespected, you feel powerless, you feel shamed or worthless or unwanted. In order to survive you develop coping mechanisms. For example you might build a wall around yourself, become invisible, please others, ignore your own needs, become a bully or disconnect.

These patterns are repeated into adulthood and often lead to (amongst others) dysfunctional relationships, depression, low self-esteem, fear, anger, co-dependency, addictions, sadness, distrust and loneliness.

During inner child work, you reconnect with the inner child. By listening to and nurturing the inner child you help the inner child to heal. By identifying, processing and healing your wounds, the inner child disconnects from the drama and reconnects to the joy, innocence and creativity that was lost. As the inner child is the emotional self of the adult being, this allows the adult to develop to his/her full potential in present life.

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