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Dr Elmari Mulder Craig shares her intimate knowledge with the East Rand Business Women

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

“Love better, live better.”

This is the motto of Dr Elmari Mulder Craig, one of the best-known sexologists in South Africa, who recently shared her knowledge with the East Rand Business Women at Summer Place.

This meeting was highly anticipated by the women and they were not disappointed.

“A healthy relationship requires physical, cogitative, emotional and psychological wellness. I believe that if you are healthy on those levels, then you can have a healthy relationship.

“If you are hurt, you might find it difficult to give somebody else love. Sex is also only one component of a happy relationship. The quality of what happens in bed depends largely on what happens out of bed,” said Elmari.

“All relationships are more of a process. The crucial thing in any relationship is the ability to repair the inevitable breaks.“That’s the rhythm of the relationship, finding, losing and finding again. I think this is very important. “Sometimes you feel closer and sometimes you feel further apart and that’s all right.”

According to Elmari, it’s important that couples or somebody experiencing problems get professional help as soon as possible. She stressed that pain is never normal.

One of the interesting facts that Craig shared was that up until 1884, a woman could be arrested for refusing to have sex with her husband.

Some of her tips to add spice to your marriage include:

  • Talk to your partner about your needs and fantasies.

  • Experiment with new things and places.

  • Spice up the environment with candles, music and something that smells nice. Ensure that the setting is not too hot or cold.

  • Get creative with items in your fridge like cream, fruits and ice.

  • Use a blindfold as it improves your other senses.

  • Get comfortable in your own skin and know your body. What works for you?

  • Try role play.

Article in Boksberg Advertiser by Tayla Smit


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