Pjur Med Natural Water Based Glide

Pjur Med Natural Water Based Glide

SKU: Pjur2003med

Indulge in Pjur Med Natural Glide - a naturally formulated water based lubricant of the highest quality. This body-safe lube incorporates pure herbal glycerine for additional moisture and guaranteed long-lasting lubrication. It's also ideal for protecting dry, stressed skin. This Pjur glide lovers lotion is dermatologically tested for hyper-sensitive skin and is safe for daily use.

You no longer have to put up with sticky and smelly lubes. Pjur Med Natural Glide is a top quality lubricant formulated from natural ingredients such as pure herbal glycerine. This water-based lube is 100% body-safe and ideal for daily usage. We love its intensive moisturising properties that care for and protect dry and stressed out skin.


  • Soft Moisturising
  • Long-Lasting Formulation
  • For Dry & Stressed Skin
  • Dermatologically Tested